We are…

Different on Purpose

In a day when public education is in turmoil, while academic standards generally continue to deteriorate, while situation ethics replace biblical absolutes, while crime and violence are commonplace, and while sports and personal gratification are being emphasized, Victory Christian School is different on purpose. Victory Christian School is different in its emphasis, in its values, in its academics, in its staff, in its discipline, and in its activities.

As a result, Victory Christian School is also different in the results it achieves. The young people who receive their education at Victory Christian School are prepared for life. The training — spiritual and academic — equips your children to live right, to do right, and to be right, regardless of future occupation or ministry.

Different in Results

As a result of Victory Christian School’s thoroughly Christian approach, its high academic standard, and its consistent discipline policies, the students who graduate from this school are also different. Our graduates are not only prepared to make a living but are also prepared to live. Each student will have been individually trained and counseled by a godly man or woman. Each student will be properly trained to effectively stand against the fiery darts of the Devil and have an impact on a lost and dying world. Our goal has never been, nor will it ever be, to have the most students. Rather, our goal is to graduate generations of Christian leaders and prepare them for the next step in their lives as adults.

Different in Emphasis

At Victory Christian School, the Word of God is supreme. What the Bible says is so. All other knowledge is measured by the Bible. All subjects are taught from a Christian perspective and with a Christian emphasis.

Different in Values

God’s Word and His moral nature are absolute. Absolutes, such as honesty, purity, and modesty, are aggressively taught. Ethics are not situational — it is never right to do wrong in order get a chance to do right. Victory Christian School wills to impart this philosophy to your children.

Different in Academics

The most effective servant of God is one who is properly trained. Victory Christian School provides a strong academic emphasis. Qualified teachers and a strong curriculum combine to provide an academic program second to none. Our graduates attend or plan on attending college programs in many different fields of study. While we strongly emphasize academics, we endeavor to meet the academic needs of the weaker as well as the average student.

Different in Staff

The administration, each teacher, and each member of the staff has a personal interest in your child. Our teachers and staff will work to help your child reach his maximum academic potential. More importantly, we will do everything possible to help your child reach his full spiritual potential.

Different in Discipline

Because Victory Christian School is Christ-centered, every facet of the school exalts Christ. This includes conduct, dress, and attitudes. A good educational environment requires that students be modestly dressed, that they be in the right place at the proper time, and that they conduct themselves as Christian ladies and gentlemen should. Therefore, a consistent, fair, and loving standard of discipline is maintained at the school.

Different in Activities

Victory Christian School provides a balanced program of sports, social, and spiritual activities. Every activity or event is planned to provide a necessary element in the Christian training of your children. No sport or social activity will dominate the school’s overall philosophy.