The athletic department of Victory Christian School strives to be a Christ-centered program. We want each participant to strive to do his best for Christ in every area of life. We also desire that our student athlete be consistent in his life, living up to the values taught during the practices and games.


The Athletic Department has the following goals to be accomplished in the lives of our student athletes:

  1. The Athletic Department should teach discipline; each athlete should display proper attitude and behavior throughout the total school program.
  2. The Athletic Department will emphasize scholarship; each student should set a goal to be strong in his academics.
  3. The Athletic Department should strive to encourage physical fitness.
  4. Most importantly, through healthy competition, Victory Christian School should seek to glorify the Lord in winning and in losing.

We hope to prepare the young people at Victory to be successful as Christians by being exposed to the experiences of teamwork, hard work, victory, defeat, and sacrifice.


We hope that each athlete will have a greater awareness and appreciation for the Christian life as a result of being a part of our program.

Printable Athletics Schedules