"Dedication to Christian Education"


An oasis of responsibility in a changing world

Victory Christian School seeks to train our student to be responsible in the classroom, on the playground, and in the world.

An oasis of friendship in a cold world

Lifetime friendships are formed as students bond with each other in classes year after year. We refuse to allow bullying, and we teach students to appreciate others. Our teachers consider VCS a ministry and pray for their students daily.

An oasis of security in a troubled world

Not only does VCS provide a safe environment, we provide a spiritual and morally safe place for your child to be taught.

An oasis of fair play in a world of confused values

VCS encourages the many lessons that sports can teach our students. On and off the court, we stress good sportsmanship; however, sports are never allowed to dominate our well-balanced program.

An oasis of academic excellence in a world of mediocrity

Victory Christian School has always stressed “Dedication to Christian Education.” We strive to push each student to his academic heights. Our national tests scores prove that our curriculum succeeds. Our graduates are able to excel in college and life.