The Book of Exodus reveals how God considered the visual arts of critical importance in creating the Ark, the Tabernacle, the table and its articles, the lampstands, the altar, the basin, and the woven garments. Everything was to be created to reflect His glory and beauty. Students at VCS strive to create artwork that glorifies the Lord, whether through drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, or collage. Many go on to pursue careers in the arts after college and continue to use their gifts for the Lord.


 We believe that music is to glorify God in every way, and at VCS, students are taught all music from a Christian perspective.

Drama Department

VCS believes the theatrical arts will enhance academic and social development of our students by providing opportunities to explore and hone skills related to public speaking, expression, voice projection, visual arts and music. In the process, we hope to prepare students to become well-rounded citizens by also promoting other traits, such as leadership, teamwork, organization, commitment and service. The dramatic arts contribute to the education of the whole child by stimulating imagination, creativity, reasoning, expression, and communication. VCS believes an expanded fine arts program will enhance literacy in many forms, because participation requires the child to play an active role with an applied mind.

Therefore, VCS has a Christmas drama production. Every student is included in the production, from audio/video technicians to stage crew, etc. This production is free to the public, and is presented three times.